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Meraki Plaas is Nigeria’s leading and foremost car tracker installation company, providing excellent service delivery in vehicle tracking and fleet management across the country.

Our vehicle tracking solutions are the most effective way to protect your vehicle (cars, buses, trucks, keke, vans, motorcycles) from theft giving your vehicles the best protection by utilizing the best, advanced & effective technology available.

Call on us today, for the best and efficient service delivery in car tracker installation.

car tracker installation
car tracker installation


+Cut off and Resume fuel supply with any mobile phone or with our mobile app

Take 100% control of your car at all time. Demobilize and mobilize your car engine from anywhere you are in the world when necessary.

+Real Time Vehicle Tracking (24/7)

Watch your vehicles’ real-time movement in your phone or computer, monitor your vehicle’s speed, current location and historical movement of the vehicle anytime, anywhere and any day

+Live Map Tracking

See every details of your car’s location. See full street address on our live map

+Voice Monitoring

Hear voices of persons inside your vehicle

+Recover your Vehicle

Recover your vehicle with ease in the case of theft

+Fleet Management

You can enjoy our fleet management packages if you have more vehicles.

Fleet Management

A fleet management system is a program that links several vehicles (cars, buses, vans, trucks, motorcycles etc.) under one management. This allows for simple control of day-to-day fleet activities. The Fleet Management System gets data from many GPS automobile monitoring devices at the same time and presents them in an understandable manner.

Our fleet management solutions help to monitor fleet activities and make decisions about proper asset management, dispatch and routing, and vehicle acquisition and disposal. Also ensuring that a fleet is meeting compliance requirements, continuously improving efficiencies, and reducing costs. With fleet tracking, you will have complete visibility of your fleet, knowing where each vehicle is in real-time and how each driver is driving.

We offer the best fleet management solutions utilizing our fleet management software, so you can easily track drivers behavior and this helps you to analyse your running cost and your workers or drivers’ work rate.

Benefits of our Fleet Management Solution

-Driving style improvement (Tame Driver’s behavior)
-Full fleet management visibility
-Standard reports to account for improve on fleet administration at reduced cost
-Better fuel management leading to reduced cost.
-Reduced insurance costs due to reduction in the risk loss.
-Ultimately saving on the maintenance costs through optimized fleet utilization.
No Hidden Charges
One-time payment. No monthly tracking fee.

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